Visit here for Information on becoming a Maket Trader at the Famous Barras

Have you ever thought about starting up in business in the Barras ?

Nothing could be simpler, stalls are rented out on a week to week basis.

You pay your rent on the day, there are no hidden extras. No leases or contracts to sign.

As a general rule, stalls at the Barras are rented out on a two day basis i.e. Saturday and Sunday, if you only want to trade one of these days, that's OK but you cannot be guaranteed the same position each time.

The difficult part is choosing what you are going to sell, you must do your homework, look at your competitors, will you be able to compete with them ? whatever you decide, friendly advice is always available from us.

Remember also that the Barras is the ideal way to expand your existing business, an extra outlet at very little outlay isn't a bad thing.

If you just want to earn extra cash by clearing out your attic and garage the same thing applies.

Some useful phrases which may come in handy when you become a market trader :-

Loud voice
"Don't be shy, come and buy"
"Hurry, hurry Mrs Murray"
"You better be quick Mrs Dick"
"C'mon you shower of bargain hunters"

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